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I began my teaching career at The University of Oklahoma, where I taught English Composition I & II for five years. This Fall I'll be starting my second year teaching Junior and Senior English at Crooked Oak High School in Oklahoma City.

As a teacher, I believe that the main purpose of education is to promote citizenship and help students become informed, engaged members of their communities. I also believe that a strong public education system is essential in addressing the many issues facing our state.

Oklahoma's public schools need more support and we need legislators who value public education and who will fight to better fund our public schools. This is vital to improving Oklahoma's economy and increasing the opportunities available to our young people.

Running for office gives me the opportunity to show my students, and my own children, that being civically engaged is both possible and necessary for improving our community.

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I have three amazing, kind, and often goofy children. As parents, Ted and I have stressed the importance of education, empathy, and exploration. Our children attend Moore Public Schools. In fact, this next school year we'll have one at Westmoore, one at Moore West Junior High, and one at Earlywine Elementary.

Emily enjoys art and learning Japanese. Abby loves skiing and playing basketball. Jack is a Webelo in Cub Scouts Pack 180. As a family, we have traveled from the beaches of St. Augustine to the slopes of the San de Cristo Mountains.