strengthening public EDUCATION

A strong public education system is necessary for improving the lives of Oklahomans. When we talk about improving Oklahoma's economy, lowering crime, reducing prison rates, and bettering the health and quality of life for our citizens, we cannot have those conversations without first addressing the need to strengthen our public education system. We also need to better fund our public universities to keep costs down for students, and thus keep down student debt.


improving Oklahoma's Economy

In order to accomplish things like better funding our schools and improving our infrastructure, we must raise more revenue as a state. We must do this without adding a heavy tax burden on the middle and working class members of our communities. We must reverse irresponsible tax cuts that have not delivered on the "trickle down" promise that letting companies and higher income earners keep more of their money results in a strengthened economy. We can see that this is not working. In addition, we need to help attract more jobs and higher wage jobs to our state. We also need to raise the current minimum wage for workers and reduce healthcare costs.


Protecting our civil and political rights

In Oklahoma, we see a lot of legislation aimed at reducing and/or eliminating the civil and political rights of citizens. I am passionate about protecting the rights of all Oklahomans, and not just those who look like me, marry like me, vote like me, or believe like me. This includes protecting our environment and access to clean water. I will fight any legislation that is discriminatory in nature and/or seeks to limit the rights and freedoms of others as protected by the U.S. and Oklahoma Constitutions. Where current law itself is found to be discriminatory or in violation of the rights and freedoms of the people of Oklahoma, I will support efforts to change or eliminate such laws.